10 Reasons Why You Should Use Teleseminars As Part of the Training Strategy For Your Business

Teleseminars are a great way to deliver ongoing training to your staff of your business and or to your associates, for instance, as in a network marketing company.

While face-to-face training is invaluable there are several advantages to delivering ongoing training via teleseminars especially in a downward economy. And, as on-going training is vital to the success of businesses, particularly in today’s rapidly changing and challenging environment teleseminars should be part of your training strategy.

Here are 10 reasons why you should include teleseminars as part of the ongoing training strategy for your business,

1. Teleseminars are a cost-effective way to deliver training.

2. Teleseminars can dramatically reduce the time spent training yet still boost the effectiveness of the training.

3. They can be recorded so that staff can have access to the information after the live presentation.

4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) can be incorporated into the training material so that listeners can have permanent access to an accurate record of the answers to the FAQs. This saves repeatedly having to go over the same issues thus saving time and money.

5. Travel costs for trainers and those participating in the training are eliminated – ideal for companies with offices in different locations, even different countries.

6. Teleseminars can be quickly prepared and made available so that important updates can be speedily communicated.

7. Employees can have access to the live event or a recording of it regardless of their geographical location.

8. Teleseminars can help to improve the induction process of new employees, helping them to get up-to-speed in as short a time as possible.

9. Teleseminars can help boost cohesion among different teams and teams working in different locations.

10. Several hundreds or even thousands of individuals can be included without the need of hiring an expensive venue.

Employees can also be encouraged to devise their own teleseminars for their teams. It is said you know when you have successfully learnt something when you are able to teach it. Naturally, they will need instruction on the best practice when devising and delivering teleseminars but this is an investment that will pay for itself many times over.

Many employees may even be happy to undertake such training on their own time because of its applications outside of the work environment and additional benefits such as increasing self-esteem and self-confidence.

However, teleseminars are not just a way to deliver on-going training. They are also used by companies who core role is to deliver training. Take for instance, Coach U. Classes are delivered in via teleseminars with study guides and other support material being available in PDF format as well as hard copies.

As a result of this training system Coach U is enable to enrol students from all over world creating a vibrant international community. This enhances the learning experience for Coach U’s students increasing still further the impact of using teleseminars as a key strategy for ongoing training.