Developing Reciprocal Business Relationships

The world is a collection of communities and the business world is no different. But many times when we hear the term “community” and business mentioned together, it is reference to the area where the business is located more than the individuals and companies that keep the world running. Your “community” at its core, is your specific niche in your industry. Beyond this direct relationship, is that of your suppliers and customers.

Business to business sales offer you an opportunity to develop reciprocal relationships that can have far reaching benefits for your own company as well as your customers. Developing constructive partnerships with other businesses can help you manage your company more efficiently and provide ways to reduce your overhead.

Cultivating these relationships to a point where cooperative advertising can be done is one way to approach selecting businesses for a reciprocal relationship. If your company and one of your suppliers have complementary products and/or services, your advertising efforts will have more impact. What your customer sees is enhanced value and a more credible business presence.

While there are benefits to developing these types of relationships, it is important to make sure that the other business has a code of ethics that is compatible with your own. Discussing customer service in depth with any vendor that you are considering is first on the list: if you cater to your customers and the other business never returns a phone call, there are bound to be problems.

If you want to establish a relationship with a large corporation, again the keyword is benefit. You need to be prepared to show how your service or product will find a specific need that will enhance the profitability of the corporation. It is not sufficient simply to say that your product or service is the best. The larger the company, the more competition you will face which makes research all the more important.

When you want to broaden your scope of community to encompass a relationship with a vendor, look for compatibility of purpose in order to make the most of the relationship. Small business owners that are working with limited marketing budgets can benefit greatly by the word of mouth advertising that is created in the process of collaborations with suppliers. Endorsements of products and services are one of the strongest sales tools available; people are more receptive to recommendations that are made by a person that they have a relationship with than expensive promotions.

Start building your reciprocal business relationships with small projects that are easy to manage without a huge time investment. Make sure that you involve all the individuals that will be affected by the project or be called into participation to make the project a success. As you work through the process of the project work, take time to discuss and evaluate the impact it is creating for both your business and that of your vendor so that it can be refined and developed into a long term, mutually beneficial method of operation.

Invest in Your Health – 3 Secrets to Living Longer Found in Independent & Assisted Living Retirement

Over a million people now live in life fulfilling independent living communities and the question occurred to me: why don’t millions more take advantage of these unique benefits? One simple reason: they are still stuck in the past, and have not investigated these new communities. They have not seen with their own eyes. They are stuck on outdated images.

Yes, the American dream is to own our own home, but when we get to be about 68-70, the American dream starts to fail us. It simply starts to take too much time, energy and worry to maintain the house, driveway, the sidewalk and the grounds. We can start to become isolated in the house, and this isolation is actually detrimental to our health. No one wants to be a burden on their children, relatives or friends, but that is exactly what happens to at least 50% of us or more who stay stuck in the past fighting against what is now in our best interest. People who stay too long in the house become dependent. The people who say, “I’m not ready yet”, are almost always fooling themselves, as they grow more dependent and less healthy each day.

Why do I make such an adamant statement? Because the scientific evidence is now overwhelming. The number and the quality of the social connections you have are the best determinant of how long you will live and how healthy you will stay during those years. Yes, it is not only important to keep up with the social relationships and friendships we now have, but to actually make as many new ones as we can. Science has been able to prove that our bodily systems and health makers actually improve by having more social interaction. The more involved we are, the longer we will live, and healthier we will stay. And there is no better place to make these new social connections, and to stay involved in life, than by moving to this type of life fulfilling community.

Many of you have been given a great benefit: the exceptional appreciation in the value of your home. It is now time to use this equity to improve your life and your health.

How? Well next to the critically important social connections, the second most important thing we can do to prevent frailty and improve our health is what is called strength training; which is also known as resistance training. It is never too late to start this. Dramatic improvement has been documented in people 95 years of age and older. Consistent walking or aerobic exercise is very important, but strength training is the secret; and you’ll learn how to do it safely and easily in a fitness center offered at some independent living communities.

What’s next? Well, you will have more time to be mentally engaged. Applying your mind to new endeavors has been proven to help prevent dementia. What is it that you’ve always wanted to learn or to do? What is it that you promised yourself that someday you would do? Is it learning to play the piano or the guitar? Is it doing the family tree or researching the family history further back than you’ve’ done? Is it writing that book or poetry? Is it running for office? Is it painting or sculpting? Now, is the time! Today is the day to no longer think about it! But to agree to finally do it! Even if you don’t move to an independent living retirement community, I encourage you to act on these dreams. But I guarantee you if you move to an independent living retirement community, they will do everything possible to encourage you to act; to challenge you to reach; and you’ll become healthier for having done so.

Together we will change the image of independent living retirement communities. We will be young in mind and heart, and we will be different. Our spirit and our attitude will be different. Those who move will be considered the independent ones. Those who stay stuck at the old house will be the dependent ones.

If you have any hesitation about moving to an independent living retirement community, especially if you don’t think you can afford it, please consider the following. Most of you who own a house have $500-$1,000 or more per month in extra income you could generate by selling your home and wisely investing the built-up equity. Most of you are paying real estate taxes, property insurance, heat, light, water, and property up-keep expenses. These expenses usually will be covered in your inclusive monthly fee at an independent living community. As a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), I can vouch that it is surprisingly affordable to live in an independent living retirement community when you do the true analysis.

So, if you want to gain all these benefits of new social relationships, strength training, and mental engagement – if you can see the wisdom in life-long learning, laughing, loving and living – then now is the time to act and plan your move to an independent living & assisted living retirement community.

Business Loans

So, you have contemplated enough about making a big jump into the business world and finally become your own boss. It is undeniably more exciting to earn profits for yourself than for someone else. And besides, whether you gain or lose 200% of your investment after a considerable amount of time, the lessons learned in handling a business are priceless.

But even before talking about profits and losses, your chief concern is where to get a starting capital to back up your business plans. What if you’re a minimum-wage earner, how long do you think will you be able to save enough funds for your dream business? If you’re a top-earning person in a company but still without savings and would badly want to venture out on your own already, what option are you going to take?

Thank goodness for Business Loans!

Business Loans are basically money that is granted for business purposes. It can be endowed to the business neophytes, and it can also well serve any business savvy individual who wishes to expand his current establishment. You can pay what you owe for period of up to 25 years depending on what you plan to endeavor on.

There are a number of reasons why to acquire a business loan. Maybe you’re planning to put up a Laundromat, car wash business, day care, motel, photo studio, internet café (and other lucrative ventures that you think you are capable of handling), but you don’t have the money to finance the start-up stage. Or perhaps you are already active in your particular business and you’d want to expand by opening up another branch, or maybe you’d want to buy new equipment that can augment production, or perhaps you’d want to buy the rights of your business partner and make the business wholly-owned by you. All of these and more are enough reasons to acquire a business loan if you think that your available funds are not enough.

For convenient business loans applications, you can search your way through the internet and apply online. Or you can also visit the nearest bank or financial institutions all over Australia.

Are you all set for the big leap?

Are you ready to take the plunge? Being an entrepreneur entails more than just the prestige of the word. Before even deciding to resign from your day job and have your own business, you really have to know our strengths and weaknesses, your passion and goals. Here are some points to consider before taking the big leap:

It is best to venture into a business that you enjoy doing, so that the task of spearheading it will not drag you down the drain.

Since your boss will be just yourself, you better be a go-getter, hard worker, someone with right amount of emotional fuel to get things going.

Aside from emotional strength, you should also be physically prepared, as you might be having sleepless nights especially during the start-up phase when you really have to monitor everything (form the logistics, to marketing the business, to purchasing materials, to leading your employees, and a whole lot of other stuff).

Being mentally fit can also benefit you when it comes to decision-making. The pressure must not get into your nerves.

You better be able to adapt to different personalities of people from all walks of life, as you will surely be dealing with a wide array (clients, suppliers, bankers, lawyers, consultants, and other professionals) in the course of your business.

Good organizational and planning skills are vital for every entrepreneur. Organizing records, revenues, operating expenses, and inventory of materials can very much avoid many business drawbacks.